The only company to use when touring the plantations from New Orleans" - The Travel Channel . .
Old River Road Plantation Tours


Question: What makes your company different from the others?
Answer: Our tour guides are college educated historians, history teachers and experts in life in antebellum New Orleans. We bring to life the most exciting, romantic and tragic era in our nations history. We are dedicated to entertaining antebellum mansion tours and historical narrations for your entertainment.
Question: How far are the plantations.
Answer: Almost an hour outside New Orleans.
Question: How do we get to the plantations?
Answer: In a comfortable 19 or 25 passenger minibus with dual air & heat and sunscreen glass and captain chairs.
Question: Do you get to go in the mansions?
Answer: Absolutely,you spend about an hour in each antebellum home with their professional guide.
Question: Which plantations would you recommend?
Answer: It depends on what you're looking for. Oak Alley plantation is the showplace of the south, and is the #1 destination. Laura plantation has, without a doubt, the #1 narratted tour based on the personal memoirs of Laura . San Francisco has the  most colorful mansion. Evergreen plantation is the most complete and has 22 slave cabins that will send chills up your spine.
Question: What do we wear?
Answer: Casual attire.
Question: What is your pick up area?
Answer: We pick up in the French Quarter, Downtown Area and the Lower Garden District.  We drop off in same areas.  Please call before you pay for the tour if you are not sure if your hotel is within our pick up area.
Question: Where can we meet you if we're not in your area?
Answer: You can meet us at our office at 2041 Canal Street.  Please call in advance.
Question: How ofter do you tour?
Answer: Every day but Christmas, New Years day, Mardi Gras 4TH of July, Easter Sunday and Thanksgiving Day.
Question: What is the pick up time of your tour?
Answer: Pick up starts at 7:45 am in the Esplanade to Canal area. 8 am from Canal to the Garden District. The afternoon tour picks up at 12 noon.
Question: Is a credit card required?
Answer: Yes, we take a credit card over our toll-free line to secure your seats. Your card will not be charged and you have  up to 48 hours before tour departure time to cancel your reservations without being charged.
Question: How can we pay?
Answer: You can use cash, travelers checks visa, mastercard or discover to pay our tour guide.
Question: Is the tip included?
Answer: No, you may wish to tip your tour guide depending on the quality of his narration, courtesy and safety. 10% TO 15% is the norm.
Question: Do you go when it rains?
Answer: Yes, in fact a journey through the swamps in a rainstorm is an unforgettable treat.
Question: Is much walking involved?
Answer: No, not much. Just in the homes.
Question: Are we able to bring on strollers or wheelchairs?
Answer: Unfortunately the van will only carry very small collapsable chairs, Check with us during booking.
Question: Can we eat, drink or smoke in the van?
Answer: No, no and no, but water is allowed.
Question: Where can we eat?
Answer: Snacks are available at Oak Alley.

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"The only company to use when touring the plantations from New Orleans" - The Travel Channel . .