Manchac Swamp

Explore a world of mysterious secrets and extraordinary beauty hidden deep within the swamps of Louisiana. Welcome to Julia Sim’s World. This superbly talented photographer’s work has been featured in such publications as National Geographic and Nature Conservancy, among others. Her best seller, “Manchac Swamp,” shows first hand her love for this wilderness jewel and has made Manchac Swamp famous. The two hour narrated boat adventure of this privately owned wildlife refuge in legendary Manchac Swamp is known for its gators. Lake warmed water keeps the gators visible during periods when the other swamps’ gators hibernate, But not in cold weather when they retire to undergroud dens.


The size and amount of gators in this area dwarf the other swamp tours because they were on the west side of New Orleans during hurricane Katrina, which hit the eastern portion.

Manchac is a large swamp. The section you will visit includes a trapper’s cabin, the infamous blood red hanging tree and the surreal site of the cemetery of Frenier rising from the swamp that had reclaimed it after the Great West Indies Storm of 1915. had destroyed it.. Your guides narration centers on the Cajuns and the creatures of the swamp.

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