Laura Plantation

Laura Plantation was built in 1805 and was a sugarcane plantation for 180 years. The plantation was run by two creole families both with European roots: one a French Creole family, the other German Creole that ran it for 95 years.

The founder of Laura was a veteran of the American revolution and he was Laura’s great-grandfather. Laura Plantation was abandoned for 9 years, going to ruin. Eight years ago, 30 concerned individuals decided to save this treasure of the past.

For two hundred years, Louisiana’s creole world was a rich mix of three different cultures: European, West African and Native American.

Louisiana Creoles, from the millionaire to the poorest slave, lived separate from the Anglo-American in family, architecture, music, food, society and life-style.

Today, at one historic plantation, one can still experience two centuries of true-life stories of Creole men, women & children. Since opening in 1994, Laura is Louisiana’s fastest growing historic attraction.